Sopa Bespoke Joiner Ltd was established in the UK in 2017 and has become the main branch of Sopa Company LLC (UAB Sopa) which was established in Klaipeda, Lithuania in 1990. UAB Sopa is renowned in Europe for the quality and durability of its products.

At Sopa Bespoke Joiner Ltd. we are immensely proud of our versatile product range. We accommodate a range of palettes by offering a variety of designs for interior and exterior furniture and fixtures. These include kitchens, bedrooms, doors, windows and interior staircases.

To create an elegant finish, we also specialise in;paints, stains wood products for your homes and businesses. Our sophisticated products are manufactured from pine, ash and oak.

Over the years, we have gained a considerable amount of experience whilst offering high quality products. We have also attained an extensive list of satisfied customers through delivering an exceptional service. Our products decorate your homes and businesses, but also serve you well due to their longevity. Our bespoke team will help you achieve your desired result in a pleasant, professional and efficient manner.


Over the years we have gained considerable experience and can offer high quality products and professional services. Our works not only decorate your home, but also serve you well and long!


We believe that success depends on high quality in every step of a project. Therefore, quality means a lot to us. It is part of our production process, customer service, and long-term reliability. as.


Wood, obeying the will of our skilful professionals, who are masters of their tools, is turned into unique products that can help build the home of your dreams.