Interior doors


Wooden interior doors are still one of the most popular choices in designing the interior of a home. Exclusive comfort and warmth are unique to wood, therefore, you cannot replace it with any other material. A wooden door is a high quality, durable solution, and the SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd wood processing company will adapt it for your needs.

Doors are generally associated with a certain symbolism, separating one space from another, and they often become the main accent of a home. Today, there are almost no restrictions on the choice of doors – they come in standard and custom sizes, different colors and patterns: dark, light, medium-light wood colors, white, black, or any other of your favorite shades.

Before you begin to highlight the main points, decide on whether you want to have some different designs or the same kind of doors throughout your house. For instance, solid wood can be chosen for bathroom doors while the doors of other rooms are decorated with glass panels (or other materials). Or, maybe you would prefer a completely untraditional solution and have different doors all-around your entire home? Some of the most popular are natural, softer wood colored doors with transparent, but opaque sections. In most cases, uniform models of doors are selected for the whole house.

The Provence style is becoming increasingly popular for the interior, and bleached doors are also being chosen more often. True, the new Provence white does not resemble the old Soviet white at all, the white that was so often used by our parents to conceal yellowish stains.

The wooden interior doors from SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd will surprise you with the wide range of available models – from classic to the most modern options. Different styles and decorating materials, individually selected and custom wood colors, standard and customized solutions adapted for foreign markets – all of this is possible thanks to our professional team, helping our clients bring more comfort into their homes for many years to come.

Sometimes a customer is not always successful in finding his dream door from among the available models. In such cases, we also have a solution and can offer you custom ordered wooden doors, helping you to choose the right product, which will not only decorate your home environment but will also serve you well for many years.

You are welcome to look through the high-quality wooden interior doors we have in our gallery, and we can start working together in your home-building process as soon as you contact us here.