Kitchen sets


The kitchen is a room where we spent a big part of our lives. Our morning begins here, the family gathers for dinner here, and the refrigerator doors quietly open in the middle of the night here… The kitchen should always be comfortable, and its furniture should be durable and functional.

A characteristic feature of Lithuanian homes is a small kitchen room. Usually, it can barely accommodate the basic furniture, and a plethora of kitchenware is stuffed in the most unexpected places. So, what indeed is the formula for a really functional kitchen?

Standard kitchen sets are already a tradition, and furniture meeting your needs is custom made. After all, every kitchen and every approach to what is beautiful and comfortable is different. Kitchen furniture should be made to maximise the use of space, blending all the household appliances harmoniously together in one space. Each drawer or cabinet should perform their function and be an important part of a functional kitchen.

It is advisable to have so-called ‘islands’ in larger kitchens in order to make your food preparation point equidistant from the most commonly used places; in which case, the cabinets are lined along the walls.

Few people know that you should start thinking about your kitchen furniture before installing it in your apartment or house. The requirements for electrical wiring, plumbing and ventilation outlets – all of these should be matched exactly to the kitchen set. If you arrange for the furniture’s requirements in advance, you will save both time and money. It is also important to consider how much lighting will be needed, depending on the furniture layout, if you want to integrate the lighting in the same furniture.

Finally, it is necessary to entrust the task to experienced designers and masters who are good at their job. This is exactly the SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd team.

We offer high quality modern solutions for your kitchen, with the help of natural resources. Wooden products not only provide comfort to a kitchen. Wood is a durable, flexible material, making it easy to create the desired shape and generally do anything you want.

Wooden kitchen furniture can represent any style – from completely classic to modern minimalist, the range of colours is almost unlimited and the range of available tabletop material is also very wide.

You can view our kitchen portfolio in our gallery. We also accept custom orders, provide consultations and choose the most appropriate solutions for your home.