Wooden stairs can be one of the most exclusive interior details. Let’s admit it – some staircases already possess a strange fabulosity reminiscent of places you have seen in children books. Perhaps that’s why stairs are always capable of creating a certain aura of luxury.

You probably cannot imagine anything other than a wooden staircase in your home – wood is the warmest classical material for the cosiness of a home. Wooden stairs are a durable and high-quality solution, offered to you by Mother Nature, so if you want to have a cleaner environment in your home, choose a wooden staircase.

Wood is a flexible material that allows the implementation of various designs and you can have the stairs and railings of your dreams. Wood always offers an open space for your imagination: maybe you have classic interior in your home and the stair railings should resemble columns? Or maybe you prefer minimalism, and strict shapes are all that you need for your environment? Classic style/universal stairs are some of the most popular. This option does not require you to choose a particular design for your home, and if you are just starting your home construction – in the future, you can boldly make some of the most drastic changes.

Spiral staircases, which became unexpectedly popular not so long ago, are still often requested by customers. They are valued for their modern feeling and compactness, and they are very suitable for small spaces. For those who are fascinated by this type of staircase, but wary of discomfort, we offer a variety of curved stair solutions.

We make wooden stairs from the highest quality oak and ash, and can vanish, stain, or cover the wood surface with an oil or patina upon request. The choice of colours is almost limitless, so we can easily adapt the stairs to match your interior.

The SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd wood processing company will perform all the necessary work – our professionals will design your wood stairs and after completion, will deliver and install them at the specified location. Looking for possible ideas for ​​your own stair design? We are happy to consult with you and evaluate the most optimal solution, and we will introduce you to a world of design possibilities.

Indeed, a staircase is more than just something that connects different floors and the interior. It is also healthy to have stairs at home. Did you know that 7 minutes per day spent climbing stairs can reduce the likelihood of heart attack in the next ten years by even half?