Surrounded by warmth – we always want to feel like this in our home. True, today the comfort in our home is often created by mass-produced products – lots of the furniture available in the store looks the same and is very similar. When you want something truly exceptional, you should turn towards natural wood products.

The production of wood has almost no limits – it does not matter which style you prefer – wood can be easily shaped, varnished or painted in different colors. Wood stands out from other materials and components used in the manufacture of furniture by its strength, durability, and, of course, its environmental friendliness. Wooden surfaces are easy to renew, and the classic touch will always remain stylish in an interior.

Indeed, one big advantage of wooden furniture is that once you purchase it, you can modify it in the future: you can change the shape of an old, worn, obsolete piece of furniture and, in exceptional cases, it can be completely redone.

SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd makes unique indoor and outdoor wooden furniture: wooden beds, cupboards, chests of drawers, sections, tables, coffee tables, and benches. You can choose from different types of wood for your furniture, ash, oak or pine.

Oak is a hardwood that has been used in the human environment for many years and is highly appreciated and valued. Because of its durability, hardwood is used in the manufacture of furniture items subject to wear every day – such as beds or tables. Oak endures the tricks of children perfectly, it almost does not expand or shrink at all (which is typical of other species), and is resistant to moisture. However, the cost of oak products is higher compared to many others.

Pine is a more cost-efficient solution, however, and is also characterized by its durability for many years of use. It is easy to paint and repaint, so it is often used in children’s furniture. On the other hand, pine is softer, so it can be damaged more easily.

Ash is valued for its strength and is often comparable to hardwoods. It is a great value for the money and therefore, ash is often chosen as a substitute for oak. Ash is not only suitable for furniture, but also for floors and wooden tools.

The type of wood you choose for your furniture is your personal choice, but our SOPA BESPOKE JOINERY Ltd professionals will be happy to explain the benefits and shortcomings of different kinds of wood to you. There are also completely unique solutions and possibilities for the implementation of your personal fantasies – together, we will find an option to meet your expectations and to serve you well for many years, delighting all your family members.